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Why Inspiring Workplace?

If success in your company means attracting top talent, fueling innovation with passion and intelligence, and having the courage to try new things, then your workplace must be inspiring.

Yes, expectations shape what you see, and yes--once you see them--you can reverse frustrating patterns in your workplace.  

For further details on how to do this, read our 2-page 

"Culture Breakthrough" White Paper or access our

free audio program, "Culture Breakthrough:

How to Grow Your Company's Biggest Asset"

Being an inspiring workplace is no longer a "nice to have"

Watch this short video to learn the single biggest step you can take to create an inspiring workplace (hint: it all starts with what you see).

Culture Breakthrough Pt. 1 - Marc Roudebush
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Culture Breakthrough Pt. 2 - Marc Roudebush
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Who is Marc Roudebush?

As a senior consultant and member of the Axialent Faculty Network, Marc has specialized in leadership coaching, senior management team-building, and culture change from a “Conscious Business” perspective—helping executives generate awareness of themselves and their impact, make wise choices, and take action with both effectiveness and integrity. Marc has also led client service teams in delivering culture development and train-the-coach programs. Almost all of his clients—including Google, Citi, Bacardi, Axa, BCG, Crowe-Horwath, Giving Group and HSBC--face issues of diversity and leadership in a multi-cultural context.


As Managing Director for North American Programs for the leading educational travel company, Explorica, Marc increased the revenue for North America programs by 400%, and led a global improvement of the company’s brand expression and online customer experience. As the CEO of GlobalPlateau, Marc launched the first mass-distributed guide to culturally- and environmentally-friendly tourism in Latin America in collaboration with government agencies, airlines, corporate sponsors (e.g. Discovery Channel, Volkswagen, AT&T) and NGOs (e.g. National Geographic, Conservation International, and Rainforest Alliance).


As a Director of Creative Delivery at Sapient Corporation, Marc led multidisciplinary teams in designing and delivering large-scale, Web-based solutions for clients in both the public and private sectors. Drawing on his negotiation skills, Marc helped colleagues with highly contrasting world views—designers vs. engineers—cooperate to meet client needs.


Marc holds a social science Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied organizational behavior and culture change. He is certified in NLP-based coaching and is a graduate of intensive coaching programs at the Newfield Network and the Action Design Institute. He has practiced martial arts since 1989 and taught beginner and intermediate Tai Chi classes. He lives in Boston with his wife and three children. He speaks fluent French and proficient Spanish.

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