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An Inspiring Workplace is the creation of individuals and yet shapes the choices that individuals make. We offer custom-designed interventions designed to

support individuals, teams or your entire organization.


What follows is a sample of programs we have successfully implemented with clients:


The Inspiring Workplace

Culture Diagnostic

A "quick and clean" way to generate multiple, independent perspectives on how things get done in your workplace.


Through a low-impact online survey and concise interview protocol (conducted with a cross-section of staff), enough data is generated to address the question of "how is your culture helping--or hurting--your business?"... and to begin discussing your response (and any plans to celebrate!).


Design and Facilitation of your "Best Offsite Ever"

The key to achieving the alignment, engagement, and commitment that most leaders want from a company (or team) offsite is edginess. You need to find the edge between discipline and creativity, advocacy and receptivity, goal-orientation and openness to discovery.


We reduce your time and effort to produce a successful offsite by supporting you at each key intersection: goal definition, design, communication, preparation, facilitation, and evaluation. (In addition, we offer logistical coordination services, if needed). We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and on generating memorable and productive offsite experiences.


Integrating Creativity

into the Rhythm of

your Business

We all know the satisfaction of being creative at work. It usually happens when we stop trying to look good, collaborate, and give ourselves permission to "get messy" with possible solutions. Few activities are more fun or more productive. And yet we crowd out creativity; we fill our schedules with "safer" or "more urgent" commitments (i.e. we procrastinate).


One client recently declared "I had no idea my colleagues (in customer service) had so much to offer in my area (technology development). We should do this way more often!!"


This program will help you identify:

  1. The core value-adding processes that will benefit from regular creative input

  2. Who should be involved

  3. How to build creativity into your "business as usual."


It includes training in our unique Creation Process, a facilitation method for bypassing defensiveness, supporting creative engagement, and generating genuine commitments to action.


Initiating Culture Change from the "Bottom Up"

Imagine a workplace that challenges and supports every employee to grow in an area that counts for them. Pretty inspiring, eh?


Complete with a low-impact survey instrument, confidentiality protocols, and a flexible, self-serve support model, this program strongly boosts employee engagement, and people's willingness to take appropriate risks in an environment of trust.


It can be piloted as a six month program and easily converted to a cherished annual tradition--"The [Your company name] Challenge."


Using Conflict as an Opportunity

Sometimes the conflicts you wish would just go away are your best opportunities.

Our Productive Conflict Facilitation, for 1 on 1 or group situations, will help you successfully navigate such "promising" conflicts and develop your ability to handle them gracefully and productively in the future.

Build Engagement & Trust, and

Achieve Breakthrough Solutions


Keeping Your Leaders on their growth edge with

1 on 1 Coaching

Nothing motivates a high potential or influential leader more than the opportunity to fulfill their potential.


Most leaders are honored to receive the challenge and support of 1 on 1 coaching; and the ripple effects on employee engagement and productivity create a strong ROI for the company.


Our coaching methodology is designed to address immediately pressing issues while building the culture leadership capability of your most influential leaders.


The Executive Team Leadership Journey:

Seeing and Shaping the Impact of Culture on Your Business

The journey begins with a candid survey-and-interview-based assessment of your company's culture.


Does it support your strategy? Does it promote autonomy and internal motivation? Trust and mutual respect? Do people love working for you and with you?


The journey continues with a discovery and definition of what behaviors will best achieve your strategic objectives AND express people's values, beliefs and aspirations. The rest of the journey is about turning these behaviors into the "way we do things around here."


Conscious Business Workshops and Brown Bag

"Learning Hours"

If you want an empowered and synchronized work force--internally motivated people who take initiative and mesh their efforts together--you want a Conscious Business.


But a Conscious Business works best when all of its members share certain skills and attitudes--for example, owning one's contribution to a problem (rather than always deflecting blame), and knowing how to state one's opinion as an opinion (rather than as a fact).


Derived from years of working with Fred Kofman and the content of his landmark book, Conscious Business, these "workouts" are designed to empower your staff to be more fully engaged and interdependent in the workplace.

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